i-SPY hospitality audit services provides quality assurance mystery shopping services for hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, and other service-based businesses. We increase your revenue through a simple formula: enhance and create more positive customer experiences PLUS maximize potential sales opportunities EQUALS increased revenue.

RestaurantsMystery Shoppers

Since 2002, i-SPY has partnered with some of the most successful restaurant groups in the hospitality industry. We gather objective data during the guest experience, customized to your standards of procedure.

our MISSION is to:

  • increase positive guest experiences, reduce negative experiences
  • maximize sales opportunities with recommended  strategies
  • provide actionable data from each aspect of the guest experience
  • increase personalization during staff/guest interactions
  • foster repeat business, reduce marketing costs
  • enhance the efficiency of your employee training program, reduce turnover and training costs
  • be the extra set of eyes and ears for your executive management team

Increase DINNER checks by 50% and BAR checks by 300%

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